ELOTEC Fischer Elektronik GmbH

In the production of electronic assemblies and complete devices of the measuring and control technology. ELOTEC has more than 45 years of experience in the production of electronic assemblies and complete devices for measurement and control technology, high-quality analogue and digital measurement electronics and control systems for industrial applications.


SMD assembly (both sides), mixed assembly in SMD and THT, AOI inspection system for checking the assembly and solder joints of printed circuit boards, in-circuit test facility with own test adapter construction, adjustment and commissioning of the assemblies with programming, function test, final assembly and adjustment of devices incl. final inspection, packaging and service, development and construction of computer-controlled function test facilities, and much more.

Paperless production

A unique selling point of ELOTEC Fischer Elektronik GmbH is the completely paperless production process. This makes a decisive contribution to efficient and powerful process planning. Our employees always have access to the latest production documents and information at any time, at any workstation, via tablets. This enables us to implement changes quickly and safely.


We stand for the development and production of high-quality electronic assemblies and devices with high quality and reliability even in small and medium quantities! We manufacture controls and modules for security lighting technology, DC/DC converters, auxiliary inverters, current monitoring modules, data transmission devices, electronic locking systems for safes, modules for use in measuring systems and for the assembly of flat modules in various sub-sectors of industrial and consumer electronics.

Customer support

We offer our customers support in the design and optimisation of their products with regard to: Quality assurance, cost-effective production, planning and creation of a functional test, service-friendliness of the products, procurement of the entire material (from the printed circuit board to the active and passive components to the housing and packaging), creation of type or barcode labels for assemblies or packaging, delivery of the devices to the end customer, redesign of THT-assembled assemblies and devices to SMD-assembled assemblies, and much more


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