CETECOM Test-Dienstleistungen

CETECOM offers decades of experience in testing and I am known for competence in the telecommunications sector: CETECOM holds extensive global accreditations for the testing of almost all telecommunications technologies. Over the years we have gained experience and know-how in various radio technologies and industries. We have developed our technical infrastructure and obtained the necessary accreditations to offer our customers a wide range of testing capabilities. Regardless of technology or market: Once wireless technologies are involved, CETECOM is your global partner for providing independent component and product testing.

In our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, we offer regulatory and development support testing in various fields:

  • EMC testing for radio products, industrial, household, medical and automotive
  • Radio testing including Bluetooth, WLAN, radar, ultra broadband, 2G, 3G, LTE, NFC and short range devices
  • OTA tests
  • SAR measurements
  • Tests for electrical safety
  • Measurements for wireless charging
  • IoT safety tests
  • CETECOM Certification Services


The number of devices with wireless radio technologies that we use every day is growing exponentially. Automotive components, wearables, medical devices, consumer electronics - wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WLAN are used everywhere to process information. Manufacturers who implement these technologies in their products face an increased need for certification before they can market their products. In this process one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is clearly defined: Who can help me with a global certification strategy?

CETECOM certifies according to international and local standards for a variety of industries and technologies. We carry out the necessary tests and manage the entire certification process from strategic planning to market approval to bring your product quickly to the target markets. CETECOM supports you with the market approval of your products. Our test reports are recognised and used for approval by official bodies, regulatory authorities and governments around the world. In addition to regulatory approvals, CETECOM also offers certification according to the requirements of private approval regimes.


Our product CETECOM CERT is a further development of our certification services. We have bundled our decades of experience for our customers in an online tool and provide various information about the certification process:

  • Country overviews with the currently valid approval requirements
  • The frequency overview provides all information on the most common frequency bands
  • The features in CETECOM CERT are rounded off by certificate management and monitoring




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