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Whitepaper: Developing Beacons with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Technology

Bluetooth® beacons are taking off. They enable “proximity-aware applications” for customers, businesses, and industrial environments.

  • End customers benefit through instant coupons and tailored offerings based on where they are.
  • Businesses benefit through improved visibility to customer buying habits and increased loyalty.
  • Industrial companies benefit through improved asset monitoring and utilization.


This paper covers a lot of territory:

  • We examine beacon applications to help you brainstorm some of your own. 
  • We provide a short history of Bluetooth and its derivatives, including Bluetooth low energy and beacons. 
  • We cover the leading beacon pseudo-standards at a high level, and in detail in the Appendix. 
  • We provide references to field-hardened example code and tools to develop and deploy it. 
  • And we provide information on end-to-end solutions to get you started.
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