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PBF - SFC Energy Group


Customized Power Supplies

PBF, a power supply manufacturer belonging to the SFC Energy Group, has 200 man-years of experience in custom designing and manufacturing power supplies up to more than 150 kW, also according to medical specifications.

  • AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from < 20 W to 150 kW (no upper limit) with high efficiency and high power density
  • Solutions for medical technology, laser supply and other special cases
  • High voltage supplies up to 60 kV DC
  • Current sources DC and pulsed from 0 to 12 kA
  • Capacitor charging units
  • especially low-noise and low-hum voltage and current sources
  • Inverters (DC/AC) and converters (AC/AC)
  • Power management solutions
  • Off-grid power supply solutions
  • Special chokes and transformers

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