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Chinfa Electronics

Chinfa Electronics

DINRail Power Supplies ACDC / DCDC / Redundancy Modules

The product Family of DIN RAIL power supplies from Taiwan based manufacturer CHINFA features a great price-performance ratio. Therefore these products are successful on the market. Depending on performance the power supplies are available with 5, 12, 15, 24 or 48 VDC output voltage. Large power reserves guarantee safe operation during start phase even at loads with high inrush currents. Further standard features are abnormal temperature protection, DC-OK off and short-cicuit protection. The operation temperature is specified from -25°C up to 71°C. Robust housings and a shock and vibration proof design asure the reliable use for industrial applications.

Product overview:

  • ACDC power supply 1/2/3-phase
  • ACDC power supply 1-phase low profile
  • DCDC power supply low profile
  • UPS controller
  • Rendundant modules
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